Service Guide For International Students

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Dear international students, welcome to OUC. There is a service guide of how to use the smart card and surf the OUC internet in campus.

  1. Smart Card Usage Guide  

(1)Get the smart card

Get the smart card from School of International Education after registration. You can use this card for multi-purposes at 3 campuses in OUC(Laoshan CampusFushan Campus and Yushan Campus),such as making a payment at restaurants, supermarkets, bathrooms and for OUC Internet service. The password of the smart card is last six digits of your passport number.

(2)Recharge the smart card

You can recharge your smart card in two ways:

①Cash: You can recharge your card by cash at the service window of restaurants in the North living area or the South living area.

Alipay: Download and install the Alipay app.

First, open the Alipay app, clickMore to find Campus Life and click Onecard or 一卡通.After this, you have to enter the information like Name of University, Name of Student and Student Card Number. Once you have put required information, you will be registered with Alipay app. After finishing registration, you can charge you smart card.

(3)Replacement of lost smart card

If you have lost your smart card, please take your passport and go to the User Service Center for Network and Information behind Library for a replacement.

  2. Guide for using OUC Internet Service  

(1)Choose the Internet package

Login the Ocean University of China (OUC) website - through the OUC Internet Service Landline or WIFI connections like OUC-WIFI/OUC-AUTO. For logining, you have to input your Student Card number as account number and input your network password(your initial password number is last six digits of your passport number).

Input your personal phone number, select the corresponding package and click account activation.

Currently, there are three kinds of Internet packages:

a) 10 yuan for 10GB per month.
b20 yuan for 30GB per month.
If the internet data has been run out, the excess data will be charged at 0.002 yuan/MB. Users can change the package selection once a month. If you want to change you internet package, you need to operate at website and from next month, your package will be changed.
c30 yuan for unlimited data per month.
Every account can be used by three devices simultaneously and logined in from both landline and WIFI connections.
Please select the corresponding package according to your actual needs.

(2)Recharge your online account

You can pay Internet fee by the transfer machine. At present, there are five smart card transfer machines in User Servince Center for Network and Information, the Second Canteen of Laoshan Campus and the canteen of Yushan Campus.

The payment process is as given below:

Insert the campus smart card into the card reader port, select Pay Internet Fee or 缴纳网费 and finish the payment process step by step according to the system prompts and then you can use the smart card account balance to recharge the online account.

The information given above will facilitate your study and life in OUC. Hope you have a wonderful time here.

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